Functional Flavors 「Triple Boosters」

Achieve healthier lifestyle through flavors

With the growing demand for health conscious food products, development of low sugar products using sweetener substitutes, low sodium concept products, and low fat products continue. While it is often a challenge to make these products taste less artificial or less bland. Nagaoka’s Triple Boosters series set out to break though these obstacles in food development and to make food more tasty. These booster flavors are targeted towards low sugar products, low salt products and low salt products categories respectively; 「Taste Refresher」and「Sweet Booster」,「Salt Booster」, and「Fat Booster」.

What is triple booster

Triple Boosters For a healthy and delicious lifestyle

  • 【Sugar replacement】●Sweet Booster This product provides sugar-like body and taste.  ●Taste Refresher This product helps improve unpleasant aftertaste or bitterness caused by high-intensity sweeteners.Click to see product catalog
  • 【Sodium replacement】●Salt Booster Developed using Nagaoka’s special technology NFT®, this product enhances saltiness and umami. ●Salt replacer This product is a combination of Salt Booster and 50% table salt.Click to see product catalog
  • 【Fat replacement】●Fat Booster Developed using Nagaoka’s special enzyme modification technology, this product enhances milky rich taste.Click to see product catalog

NFT®:Nagaoka Functional Technology
Nagaoka’s unique technology that maximizes the taste of natural food materials.