Greeting from the President

   Nagaoka co., ltd. was established for more than 120 years ago, as a manufacturer and dealer for flavorings and fragrances. Our long history would not be possible without the hard work of predecessors, continued support from customers and also suppliers, I hereby express my deepest gratitude to all that have contributed to the success we have this day.

   Flavorings and fragrances affect our minds and lives indirectly, they held the power to bring wealth and enrich our lifestyles while at the same time, preferences and market demand change along with different period of time. Nagaoka co., ltd. being able to adapt to these changes flexibly was what brought us this far and we would continue to contribute to bring happiness to the society.

   ‘Towards a wholesome and healthy long-life while practicing delicious eating’ as our motto being a manufacturer, we have been and will continue to be an important player in contributing and bringing happiness for the society, while also not forgetting to take into account our employees physical and spiritual happiness.
   Each and every employee plays an important role in our company. We practice and value the corporation or support between each other, together we thrive to be our best. By creating the new history for flavorings and fragrances, we hope we can express our gratitude to our predecessors while at the same time paying a good deed forward to the future generations.

   We see a drastic change in market demands for these recent years. While our duty is to find out and realize what is most needed by consumer at the moment, at the same time, we set out to materialize our idea using our expertise and original technology in a speedy manner.
   Besides Japan, we also take into account for international consumer. Starting from countries in Asia, we are actively involved in coping with international standards and different religious standards.
   Furthermore, to ensure that our company can work towards abiding development, we are constantly thinking of new ways to improve life of future generations by using flavorings and fragrances.

Corporate mission

We value the connection between people and ought to pursue the happiness of both materially and spiritually of all staff and their family throughout generations.

We contribute to the society by creating flavor, tastiness, beauty and health with our originality and ingenuity.